This testimony is one of many testimonies of what took place in Sierra Leone from 9th to 13th October 2013. It goes to prove that God is really with and within Man (John 14:17 and Luke 17:21). Also, it proves that a New Name is really in operation as promised in Revelation 2:17 and 3:12. Seventeen (17) members of Association of Brotherhood Academic Scholars (ABAS) embarked on Evangelism to Sierra Leone. Association of Brotherhood Academic Scholars is the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star fellowship saddled with the responsibility of evangelizing the Academia and like institutions. Members of the fellowship are called Abasites. On this fateful day, Abasites had just finished praying for the family of Ex-congress man Hon Koroma and they having received the words of salvation were anxious to receive Baptism. There was no river nearby and as mentioned in BCS sacraments thus “Baptism is conducted immediately the convert is ready for baptism” which is in line with Phillip’s encounter with the Ethiopian Eunuch so we decided to carry out the baptism at the bank of Atlantic Ocean. It was quite a distance away so we got there late in the evening. The Ocean was turbulent. Seeing the turbulence, the Ex-Congress Man’s family numbering Eleven (11) which included women, children and their domestic staff ran back to the vehicle. Brethren, the Holy Spirit the Doer of all things ministered that we should move closer, line up, pray to calm the ocean down, and that we did calling on the New Name “His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu”.As the prayers were offered, in a flash the ocean became a river and then as slow as a stream to the amazement of onlookers. Many who were not ready for baptism accepted baptism and some bystanders came forth for baptism to the glory of God. This reminded me of our Lord Jesus Christ when He calmed the Storm (Mark 4:35-41). Only the Name of God can calm the seas and when you call that Name of God, “O.O.O” your life’s storms will be calm. Thank You Father.
Ifiokabasi Udo