In view of the growing population of the Kingdom, activities have been divided into groups known as fellowships. Every baptised member is expected to belong to one of these groups through the directive of the Holy Spirit. But the most important of all are Women, Men, Spirited and General Fellowships which are mandatory for all members to enrol and to attend their meetings. Each fellowship at any level is run by an Executive council, mostly appointed by His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu.

The Fellowships are:

1. Universal Men’s fellowship
2. Universal Women’s fellowship
3. International General Fellowship
4. Universal Spirited Children’s fellowship
5. International All-Ordained One Fellowship
6. Christ Natural Choristers Fellowship
7. International Education Fellowship
8. International Labour Fellowship
9. Universal Children’s Fellowship
10. International Youth Fellowship
11. International Elders Fellowship
12. Blessed Brothers and Sisters Fellowship
13. Christ Universal Mercy Fellowship
14. International Missionary/ Crusade Fellowship
15. Association of Brotherhood Academic Scholars (ABAS) Int’l Fellowship
16. International Welfare Fellowship
17. Vegetarians Fellowship
18. New World Fellowship
19. Christ Universal Spiritual Council of Churches
20. International Lawyers Fellowship
21. Egbagba Emon Aneyen Evai (New World Language) Fellowship
22. Traditional Rulers Fellowship.