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During the thanks giving service of the August, 2016 Pentecostal Assembly, the Holy Father His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu created the first Heavenly order called “THE CHRIST SHEPHERD” which is made of seven brethren.

They are :

1. Arch Bishop Bassey Imowo
2. Christ Ambassador Chinedu Osondu
3. 144,000 Aniekan Obu
4. Christ Ambassador Enimini Idiong-ette
5. Blessed Mother Mary Ejoho
6. Christ Ambassador Shedrack Unwajionye
7. Blessed Mother Rosemary Goring

The Father further said that they should be address as “The Patriarch” and will wear plain white soutane on normal days while the white soutane will be worn with a red cape on ceremonial days. According to the Holy Father, the Christ Shepherds will be sitting between the 144, 000 virgins and the Holy family, facing the Blessed Mothers pew. This setting is meant to be applied in all BCS bethels and Pentecostal Centres worldwide.

Thank You Father

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