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Therefore when you fast and pray, you are purifying yourself for the entry of the Holy Spirit. This generation is the luckiest of all to have this wisdom of truth. You have to fast and pray wherever you are. If you do that you will have no problem at all because He has called us into the Kingdom free.


“And they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.”

Brethren tell Me how one can crucify the flesh with the affections and lust without fasting and praying? You can compare it to the case of the bed bug that has learnt to adapt to any kind of situation whether hot or cold. That is why when you pour hot water on bed bugs they will bulge up and become motionless as though they are dead. Once the cool air touches them again they become revived and active. The only way to eliminate bed bugs is to starve them by not making use of whatever thing they live in such as bed, chair, mat, etc. The moment they do not have food, that is blood to suck, they will die.

The same thing is applicable to the spirit of sinfulness that dwells in man. Once you starve those spirits of fornication, adultery, greediness and lust of mundane things, you will have the Spirit of God revived in you. If other devilish spirits realise that no attention is paid to them anymore, they will die off and vacate the place for God to come and dwell in. That is the work of fasting and praying. Human beings feel that when they are sick and take medicine, the drugs will cure them. This is not so. The drugs would rather empower the sickness. If you have the spirit of drunkenness in you, as you continue to drink the more you sustain it. But once you refrain from drinking, divorce your mind and self of all vices and concentrate on fasting and praying, you will have the evil spirit expelled from you and you will become a new person entirely. If you commit a sin and persist in the sin how will the sin be removed from you? It is only when you fast and pray to God that He will remove it from you.


We ought not to fast every day but daily fasting becomes desirable because we offend God every time of the day. Whenever you are angry, it means the evil spirit has gained entry into you. And if you do not remove it through fasting and praying, it will hasten and take dominion over you. Whenever you tell lies you have extended an invitation to the evil spirit into you. And thereafter if you do not fast and pray it dominates your body. Whenever you drink, if you do not follow it up by fasting and praying to drain yourself of the evil spirit, you put yourself into trouble. Each time you are intimate with your wife and do not fast and pray thereafter, you are in hot soup. You can see that God does not judge His children, but when He does, He only chastises them so that they would not be condemned along with the world.

If we care to search ourselves to know that we offend God every minute of the day, we would not be disturbed each time we hear about fasting or are told to observe it. The body, just like other machines, needs servicing in order to function properly. That is why you have to fast and pray as frequently as you commit sins. Many people complain that they cannot see visions, others say they cannot remember their dreams, cannot pray, are unable to sing and preach. The reason is that they do not fast and pray. You also complain of being taken over by sins because you make no effort to fast and pray. You are beset with temptations everywhere you go because you do not fast and pray. Has the Lord not said that when the evil spirit departs from a man it goes about and wanders in the deserts? And if it finds no dwelling place, it comes back to its former place of abode with seven more devilish spirits. And the state of such a person is said to become worst than before. The inhabitants of the world accept that there is power in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, but the point of dispute is its source, that is what they do not know. Is the source of power not laid down before you, and indeed the whole world? You should now realise that the key to this Kingdom is fasting and prayers. Whatever thing you want to achieve, Our Lord Jesus Christ has said you can achieve it through fasting and praying. Whoever tells you he acquired his power without fasting and praying is a great liar. Somebody who wants to acquire devilish power does so through fasting and prayer. The children of God who want to obtain the spirit of God also have to fast and pray. What the people of the world do when they need anything from God is to fast and pray, though they normally go back to their old ways, the moment they have what they want.

All powers come from the same source – God is the owner of them all. The difference lies in the method by which this power is applied. You may find somebody in Brotherhood who is so dedicated in fasting, praying, ministry works, etc., and you hastily conclude that he is so godly, but you may not know that he has only hidden his intent. The moment the person receives what he desires from God he is gone. If you happen to see him some other day and ask him why he has been so scarce in the fold, he will tell you that he is so busy that he has no time. That of course is not true. He has had what he wanted and has gone. If he happens to encounter another problem, you will see him walk stealthily again into Brotherhood. The various secret societies, clubs, soothsayers, juju priests and the rest of the people do fast seriously and pray when they want anything from God after which they fast no more. But the children of Brotherhood fast and pray in order to have the Holy Spirit.  Ours is different from the fasting observed by other persons and organisations for the purpose of achieving selfish ends. It is a tradition in Brotherhood to fast and pray for the purpose of spiritual revival. It is for that reason the Lord has said that all those who are His, crucified the flesh with its affections and lusts. You should not wait until the periodical general dry fasting is observed before you fast. Fast and pray constantly if you want to enter into this Kingdom.

The Thursdays fasting is just to commemorate the crucifixion and death of Our Lord Jesus Christ but that does not prevent you from observing your 6am. – 6pm. or dry fasting if you want God to dwell in you. Fasting is something very difficult and uncommon with the rich. If someone eats very little the person becomes spiritually very active and strong and is hardly sick; in fact he becomes young and has no problem. Do you know that it is food that kills the spirit in you? The more you fast and pray, the more you will be filled with the Holy Spirit, and power of God. I am taking My time to train you so that you will achieve this gradually. Within a short time you should be able to start eating very little food or nothing at all through the frequent observance of the daily and dry fasting. It is this Holy Spirit and the power of God, which are achievable through the mortification of the flesh that I will use to change all of you, including the entire world.


“As they ministered to the Lord, and fasted, the Holy Ghost said, Separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work whereunto I have called them.”

Your brethren outside say there is no more fasting because the Lord had done it on their behalf. But these people fail to realise that the death of Our Lord Jesus Christ marked the beginning of intensive fasting and prayer.

Leader Olumba Olumba Obu Everlasting Gospel Vol.1 Chapter 51 Vs 58 – 96

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