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When Our Lord Jesus Christ came, He lived in the flesh. It was said that salvation comes from the Jews. And this salvation does not come from Nigeria, and neither from Africa nor from Europe, but salvation comes from God.

And for Our Lord Jesus Christ to say that His disciples should not go to the Gentiles and all cities of the Samaritans, but only to the lost sheep of Israel shows that He was in the flesh.

The wholesome thing to do is to go to the entire would to make everybody disciples of God. Having known His inadequacies, Our Lord Jesus Christ then promised that the Holy Spirit would come to teach mankind and lead him to the accurate knowledge of truth. As such, it was expedient for Him to depart the world so that the Holy Spirit would come.

What has brought about the troubles in the whole world between the Arabs and Israelites was because Abraham had two wives and two children.

  1. One hailed from Israel and the other from Egypt and these women gave birth to two children-Ishmael and Isaac. The two children constitute the source of troubles today between the Arabs and Israelis.
  2. And the two warring countries have continued to kill each other. Then the question is, what type of God could there be, where there is no peace?
  3. Which God do these countries worship? A popular adage has it that; a blind man cannot lead another blind man. The source of man’s troubles is not from God but from man himself.
  4. God made a covenant with Israel. And Sarah was an Israelite and Abraham too was an Israelite. But Hagarhailed from Egypt and was a housemaid to Sarah.
  5. Since God had made a covenant with Israel and not with Egypt, Ishmaelcould not be the promised child, but unfortunately, Sarah did not have a child in time.
  6. As a result of uncontrolled desire for materialism, Sarah instructed Abraham to try Hagar, if she could be able to bear a child for Abraham since it was not possible for her to bear a child any longer, because of her old age.
  7. And Abraham on abiding by the advise Sarah gave him, the attempt was successful and Hagar bore for Abraham a son, Ishmael.
  8. As far as the reckoning of the world is concerned, Ishmael is the legitimate first son of Abraham. This was where problem emanates in the house of Abraham.
  9. As it is with the nature of man, Hagar saw herself as a co-wife to Sarah and as such, insulted her in some instances. She attempted to send Sarah packing from her matrimonial home claiming she was the actual wife because she claimed that she was the first woman to give a child to Abraham.
  10. Hagar hailed from Egypt and God did not make His covenant with the Egyptians, but with the Israelites.
  11. At last, Sarah gave birth to Isaac, the promised child. And things changed automatically in the house of Abraham.
  12. And the time, which God asked Sarah to send Hagar and her child away, came. When Sarah succeeded in ejecting Hagar and her son from the house, Abraham was not in.
  13. But when he returned and saw Hagar and her child crying outside, he had pity on them and he became sorrowful. But since it was the directive of the Holy Spirit, for such to occur, nothing was done to bring back Hagar into the house.
  14. This explains the reason why we are told that, unless the Lord builds the house and watches the city, those builders and watchmen do such things in vain (Psalm 127: 1).
  15. If God was not God, there could have been war in Abraham’s house. And that war could have soiled Abraham’s reputation.
  16. God is a “Master Planner” as such, what happened was not a mistake. Abraham impregnated Hagar whereas Sarah was conceived of the Holy Spirit.
  17. Therefore, Ishmael was a bonafide son of Abraham while Isaac was God’s. The problem facing the whole world emanated from the controversy arising from the legitimacy of Abraham’s first son.
  18. Everyone is asking why Isaac should be Abraham’s first son instead of Ishmael? The inhabitants of Egypt regard Ishmael as the first son of Abraham, while the Israelites claim that Isaac is the right person.
  19. It is that same position of the first son, which everyone is struggling for today. Such is the struggle for material things.
  20. The Arabs recognise Abraham as their father likewise the Israelites. But the prophecy to that effect had had it, that Abraham would be the father of all.
  21. Now the question is, having heard of what was written in the book of prophets, why then should problems and segregation emanate among the inhabitants of the world?
  22. Really, there is nothing in the grave of Abraham. This is because during his death, the Arabs took part of his body and the Israelites took the other half, just for the sake of claiming the first son of Abraham.
  23. The war you always hear waged between the Israelites and the Arabs, emanated from this very struggle.
  24. So beloved, have you seen the adverse effect of materialism? Presently, if an Israelite goes to the land of the Arabs for the purpose of worshipping God, he would be killed without delay.
  25. The Christians have been advised not to regard the Moslems as being worthy. The Moslems on their part have been instructed not to count the Christians worthy.
  26. This is nothing but material controversy. So, use this instance to see the effect of materialism. The Israelites do not believe in Our Lord Jesus Christ and do not count Him as anything.
  27. This is because they regard the hometown of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Bethlehem as imaginary. Having been equipped with the information that, nothing worthy could come from Nazareth, and the Israelites themselves bluntly refused to believe in Our Lord Jesus Christ.
  28. Have you also seen the work of materialism in this case? So beloved, you would be saved and would equally conquer, if only you are careful in whatever you do and follow after God sheepishly.
  29. For it is made known to us that, any child who walks circumspectly, would kill what killed his father and any child who does not walk circumspectly, would be killed by what killed his father.
  30. If you should take a closer look at the government of different countries, you would realise that there are series of problems emanating from religious differences between the Moslems and the Christians.
  31. And this very war is as a result of Isaac and Ishmael. This is because the descendants of Ishmael profess to be the patriarch while the descendants of Isaac also lay claim to that.
  32. Is this not the main reason why a civilian president is yet to be elected in Nigeriatoday? None of them accepts to serve God wholeheartedly yet they want to rule. But can one without the fear of God rule?
  33. God is love, peace, mercy, goodness and all other virtues. It is these virtues that God uses to rule effectively. But the question is, how many of the government officials possess these virtues?
  34. You complicate issues when you go out to preach about O. O. Obu. The people would never believe in what you tell them.
  35. They are of the opinion that should they believe you, it is a deviation from what their ancestors held to, about Christ and His Second Coming.
  36. Their belief will even remain an illusion. They do not want any other being apart from Jesus. No other name means anything to them. They have seen the truth no doubt, but their point of confusion lies in the new name, O.O. Obu.
  37. This accounts for the reason why I do not preach any name or person; rather I preach the truth to the world. God is the truth and the sole owner of the entire world and the fullness thereof.
  38. Christ bore witness to the Holy Spirit, which is righteousness. This righteousness is love, peace, patience, humility, long-suffering, goodness, charity and all such godly virtues.

166. Mohammed even upheld the truth that righteousness would come. Today, the righteousness, which is embodied in love and clad in truth, is here.


Everlasting Gospel Vol. 1 Ch. 52 vs 124 – 166

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