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The Secret Power In The Kingdom

And there is no way you can refrain from drunkenness and fornication except you fast and pray. Therefore brethren, there is no secret power in this Kingdom except fasting and prayer. If you are a fornicator, a drunkard, an idolater, a smoker, or one who commits every type of sin, once you fast and pray, you shall be free of sins. Many of you admit the fact that there is plenty of power in the prayer house. This is because the moment you enter a prayer house for any purpose, the first thing is for prayers to be offered for you. Then you will be asked to fast as many days and times as possible, until your problem is solved. When your problem is solved, you will go back to the head of the prayer house with some money and materials as gifts for solving the problem. By so doing, you make yourself a fool because you would have had the same result if you fasted and prayed in your house.

Apart from The Holy Father, there is no other person who can pray over you and have your problems solved. And I have never asked you to hold even a feast. But this is not the case with other prayer houses. Since Our Lord Jesus Christ has said that when the Comforter shall come, He will lead you to the accurate knowledge of truth, I have left everything bare before you. Many people refuse to observe fasting for very flimsy excuses; that they are sick with diabetes, high blood pressure, anemia, etc. Realise now that whatever your sickness, the moment you fast and pray the sickness will disappear. Also, if you should go to any prayer house, or healing home and you are not asked to fast and pray, you should leave the place immediately.

Leader Olumba Olumba Obu Everlasting Gospel Vol.1 Chapter 51 Vs 18 – 26

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