Pure and undiluted evangelism goes with myriad of great testimonies that was the case of Sierra Leone Evangelism 2013. Waiting in the bus at Waterloo Street to receive word from one of our hosts we decided to carry out a brief evangelism around the street and the environment.

We talked to several people and soon it became a gathering of much people. Some of us were dancing to the amazement of passersby and bystanders while others not directly involved in the discussions took to humanitarian services. A particular young man was highly incensed, he seemed antagonistic and was trying to be disruptive but the rest asked him to leave or be quiet that they desired the words. Just then, a cripple with clutches came forward asking for Healing. He was asked if he believed that God will heal him and he answered in the affirmative. He was asked if he believed that we were sent by God to carry out the evangelism and he answered same. Without many words, after taking the clutches from the cripple man, the New Name of God was called to action as follows “In the Name of His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu I ask the bones to straighten and ask that you walk without clutches” and he was asked to walk forth then backward and he did. He left the scene without clutches, he was healed completely. That testimony went round Waterloo and the environs. Many received the words of God with joy.

At the Open air service the next day, several people received healing from all types of illnesses because they professed to God’s power and had faith in the New Name of God.