There are stunning testimonies everywhere of how faithful children of Leader Olumba Olumba Obu become invisible in the face of danger.

These are two testimonies in focus.

Brother Mike Ntuk and his family were sleeping at home when suddenly he heard sounds of people trying to gain entrance into his house. He quickly woke his household and they made their way out of the house through the back door. Since they did not know the direction the men had come from, they decided to stand between two Plantain trees. The suspected assassins’ gained entrance ransacked the house and emerged through the open back door with guns and other dangerous weapons they had entered the house with. Knowing that it was impossible for the entire family to escape that night, they searched the backyard. They had with them bright torch lights and pointed straight at the family but could not see the family that was standing just right before them. They kept searching that spot and did not see his family. While standing between the Plantain trees, they were calling on the Father to save them and He did save them to His glory.

Another similar testimony is that of Brother Utibe John. He was on Evangelical work at Yaba Bethel, Lagos State. One night, while he and the resident priest were sleeping, armed men suspected to be assassins visited the Bethel. They forced their way into the room causing the brethren to wake up. The armed men looked directly at the men lying on the bed but could not see them. They switched on the light but still could not see them. They searched the next room to no avail and returned yet did not still see them. The brothers lying on the bed were looking at the assassins in close proximity yet the assassins did not see them despite having the lights on.

In their words, “It is only God that can do this for them and for free”.

All praise “His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu”.

Thank You Father.

Eyo Charles