It is the doctrine of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star not to wear shoes into the Bethels or the house of worship. This is in recognition and reverence of the holiness and presence of God. This is supported in the scriptures as recorded in Acts 7:33 “Then said the Lord to him, put off thy shoes from thy feet; for the place where thou standest is Holy ground”. Other scriptural references include Exodus 3:5, Luke 22:35.

The long white robe or garment called the soutane is worn by all members regardless of their age and position in the kingdom (Rev.3:4-5, 7:9 & 14). White soutane is the same raiment that our Lord Jesus Christ wore when He was transfigured (Matthew 17 verse 2). The white symbolizes ‘righteousness’, ’purity’, and ‘peace’. The white garments worn by members are not to be designed with coloured materials such as thread, coloured buttons, ribbons etc. It should be plain pure white. The brethren are always admonished not to use the garment while on illegal business trips. The white garment in BCS is sanctified by the Holy Spirit, as such; it should be treated with respect and sanctity with Holiness.