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Promotion – 8th October, 2016

During morning prayer on the 8th of October, 2016, the Holy Father His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu emphasized on the importance of forgiveness and admonished brethren to always forgive their offenders. The Holy Father further stated that when we forgive one another and pray fervently, He will always answer our prayers.

After the admonition, the Holy Father promoted some brethren to the following pews;


1.    Sister Ellen Clinton  (USA)
2.    Sister Ngozi Chima  (USA)
3.    Sister Jane Omovie  (USA)
4.    BM Joyce Brodnock  (UK)
5.    Bishop Michael Iyapo (UK)
6.    SCS Sarah Ekunwe  (UK)
7.    Sister Rose Fohbot Gorji-Dinka (Tikum)  (UK)


1.    Brother Fohbot Gorji-Dinka (Tikum – UK)

This was followed by an outing procession (pillar by pillar).

Thank You Father

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