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Fostering Good Relationships with Host Communities

Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (BCS) fosters and maintains good relationships with its host communities. A demonstration of this is the paying of courtesy visits to traditional rulers and top government functionaries in areas where the Father or His representative visits. For instance, during the Sensitization visit to states and countries in the Centenary celebration of last year and the ongoing Sensitization visit of the Heavenly Father mega event this year, visits to the host community leaders feature prominently. This helps to soften grounds for the immediate event and fosters good relationships between the BCS and the host communities long after the event.

Football matches are an innovative part of the program of this year’s Sensitization visits. This serves as a talent hunt for BCS in the area of football and also fosters good relationships between the teams (made up of youths) and the organizers (BCS). This is a way the Father reaches out to the youths and inculcates in them a sense of belonging.

The Father has come in this era to break down the barriers of religion, race, gender and social status. These are some of the ways He uses inĀ achieving this divine objective.

Thank You Father.


Lazarus Iyango.

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