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The Holy Father, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu reminded the Abasites that they belonged to the Golden Generation, the one of hope and abundance of God’s faithfulness. Though fraught with sin and violence, yet the generation is blessed with the most supreme grace ever known throughout the history of man’s existence. As Scholars of the New Kingdom of God, He has commissioned them to make public, the unheralded entry of the Supreme Godhead into His own world as the God of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, and the enthronement of the Son of God, His Holiness Olumba Olumba.

The Holy Father intends to use the Abasites as tools to curb examination malpractices in the academic world. He also intends to use them to stamp out evil tendencies amongst youths. The Holy Father has given the Abasites the advantage of association with Him as He did to His disciples in His last advent as Christ the Redeemer. The Holy Father has selected them as His own scholars and as a people representing the intellectual arm of His Kingdom. This is a calling, great in magnitude and laden with a handsome reward. It calls not for fear or shame but for potency and pride in His Name….OOO.

The Holy Father is the Truth, He is the Supernatural Teacher. He is the Dispatcher of wisdom. He is the Fountain of all knowledge. He is the Sole Cosmic Intelligence. He is the Dean of all faculties of discipline and the Chancellor of all institutions of academic knowledge. Your Father is the Greatest Sage. My children, I will not fail to inform you that your primary assignment is not engaging in choral competitions. Choral competitions should be secondary in your itinerary, but the exchange of scholarly ideas concerning the New Kingdom of God should occupy the front burner in all your activities. The Holy Father expects the Abasites to help correct the many heresies which are not only contrary to the teachings of the Holy Spirit but are constantly permeating the core of human existence, gaining approval as civilizations or sometimes under the guise of human rights. A good example being the belief that two persons of the same sex can unite in marriage and proceed to be blessed on the altar of God.

Beloved Scholars of Olumba, it is instructive to further remind you that your Creator and Life Giver, Great Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, demands so much from you especially now that you are still young and the cares of life have not taken a toll on you. You are swayed into believing that labour no longer precedes reward. This is absolute falsehood. In your respective campuses, schools and workplaces, you are warned, as children of the light, not to become entangled with darkness or involved in any activity of evil. Rather, yours is a duty to illuminate your surroundings with the light of God that is in you, to set the pathway that leads unto God and to ensure that all comes to the knowledge of God’s existence on earth. At forty, let Me ask you the following questions:

  • what is the contribution of this fellowship to academic knowledge in any known academic institutions especially in the study of theology, divinity and other aspects of religious thoughts?
  • How many of you either as students or academic staff have presented the fact of the physical Manifestation of God and of His Kingdom in this era as an academic thought that should be considered in the curriculum of relevant institutions of learning?
  • What impact is ABAS making in the different campuses it has existed all these years? What valuable document can this fellowship present as evidence of her intellectual victory in the growing competitive scene she has found herself?
  • How many conferences and summits have this Fellowship convened in any Nigerian University at least, to steer the direction of fellow religious scholars, academics and researchers to the unfolding New World which the Holy Father Himself is leading?
  • Should any inquisitive academic scholar of a non-BCS extraction embark on research into the doctrines of the Kingdom and their peculiarities, what fate holds for such a person?
  • Are there research materials of academic standard that we can present apart from the Everlasting Gospel and other oral testimonies available?

It is more pathetic to note that while many colleagues of yours, even as professors, are strongly involved in the activities of their campus fellowships, the few of you whom I have in academic institutions as lecturers and staff of such institutions have failed to identify yourselves with your campus chapters, veiling under the guise of alumni, state, national or international executives.

As an Omniscient Father, I see your daily toiling and the sincere sacrifices you make for the sake of My Name. Accordingly, I have committed Myself to bless you endlessly. I have made My grace to be sufficient unto you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am proud of you. Dear Scholars, I repeat, I Am proud of you. This is why I called you My Pride several years ago. Today, I Am even more proud to say that you are not just My Pride but A PEOPLE AFTER MY OWN HEART. My love for you is certainly beyond that which I showed My son David and the people of Israel in the past ages.

I wish to reiterate again that I Am immensely pleased with your evangelical missions and outings especially the 2019 Ghana Peace March. In that same spirit, I have commissioned you to go to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria, as the destination for the 2020 Peace March. From this Throne of the Ancient of Days, I Am assuring you that Abuja 2020 shall be a wonderful experience with greater results and more phenomenal impacts. I know your needs much more than you know them. I know you lack money but have many needs for it. Today, I have opened the vault of Heaven’s treasure for you. I have given you financial freedom. Amongst you, I have raised opinion molders and political leaders. Amongst you also, I have raised Presidents, governors, Parliamentarians, doctors, lawyers, engineers, CEOs of world-class firms, accountants, pilots and all sorts of human qualifications. I have given you scholarships and granted you visas to travel across the world and do exploits in My Name. Henceforth, you shall be called blessed in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Let my endless Peace and Blessing abide with you all, Now and forever more, Amen.

Thank You Father.

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